Free battery program

With the growing public awareness of equipping with AEDs, hardly any company or institution will say they don't need such a device. The barrier usually results only from the fear of the purchase and operation costs of the device. That is why we provide you with an indefinite free battery program, thanks to which any institution or company with an AED can reduce its operating costs to a minimum, sometimes only to the cost of buying the device itself. What is our program? If the Samaritan PAD defibrillator is used to save lives - regardless of the course of the action and whether the impulse was given - the client becomes a participant in our program. After the rescue operation, we only need to record the ECG from the defibrillator and a short event report - which does not contain any patient data or details about the rescue operation. With the data obtained, HeartSine can conduct further research on sudden cardiac arrest and improve its products. In return, Samaritan users get a guarantee that the operation of the device is as economical as possible. We encourage you to report to us every time you use the Samaritan Pad. Step by step, we explain how to download an ECG from the defibrillator, how to complete a report, and usually the next day after reporting the case, the batteries are available to our customers. All this to encourage the use of defibrillators and to use them without worrying about possible costs.