Medical security

Medical security

Arteria Emergency Medicine also means medical safeguards of various types of events, starting from company festivities, through securing sports competitions to securing national events. We offer professional, comprehensive and, above all, discreet medical care based on modern rescue equipment and excellent medical rescue specialists who they have repeatedly presented their high skills in providing first aid and saving lives. The price of security depends on the duration of the event, the number of equipment and staff intended for service and due to the above it is always agreed with the client. We are ready to organize stationary medical assistance points, pedestrian patrols and safeguards with the participation of "S" and "P" type travel teams.

We have drones to patrol the event from the air and a moto-ambulance, which works well during security in a wide area.

Bet on professionals

Professionalism in organizing and implementing medical safeguards is our advantage. For many years, SP ZOZ MSW travel teams in Poznań secured the activities of rescue services under the National Rescue and Firefighting System, traditionally provide medical security during visits to the region of the President of the Republic of Poland, the Prime Minister and members of the Government . The experience gained in this way puts us as a leader on the medical security market.

As part of the cooperation, we offer: Developing medical security plans. Organizing permanent medical points at the event site. Ambulance with medical staff during the event. Medical transport of any victims to the hospital